Woodridge Community Wellness Council




Regular Meeting


March 23, 2006

Participants -

Andrea Conley (District 66 Lakeview JH), Katie Cornelius (Meadowview Elem School), Tim Cramer (Workshop Leader - Breaking Free), Lisa David (Murphy Teacher Rep.), Ken Fisher (A. Lincoln Center for Character Development), Tom Freeman (Lisle/Woodridge Fire Department), Brenda Hall (Goodrich Teacher Rep), Ruth Jacobs (DuPage County Health Dept.), Sgt. Dave Krupka (Woodridge Police), Jill Marten (Jefferson JH - Home Economics), Marsha Ndoko (Metro-DuPage Family Services), Leslie Pollock (Woodridge 68 School Board Rep.), Susanna Roberts (DuPage County Health Department), Cyndi Sanders (Sipley Teacher Rep.), Cathy Skinner (Woodridge 68 - Personnel), Becky Surber (Woodridge 68 - Curriculum and Instruction)
This meeting consisted of two parts. Part one was "community sharing" until the members of the Re-organization Subcommittee arrived to present their report (Part two).

Part 1 - COMMUNITY SHARING - Brenda Hall, Facilitator

1. The Lisle-Woodridge Fire Department:

A. is implementing a Latino Outreach Program. They presented child and family programs together on March 30th at Sipley School. The meeting was completely in Spanish.

B. The Fire District will now maintain the Woodridge Community Wellness Council website. Thank you!

2. Metro-DuPage Family Services distributed flyers about Big Brothers/Big Sisters of DuPage "In the Neighborhood" program.

3. The DuPage Character Coalition:

A. announced the April 5th Coalition Meeting agenda.

B. On May 17th they will host a one day CHARACTER COUNTS! (CC!)SM training. The one-day training is a condensed version of the three-day training. The $125 fee also covers lunch and break refreshments.

C. Visit www.lincolnccharacter.org for CC! sports information.

D. The University of Illinois offers CC! training for small businesses to incorporate CC! in their work environment.

E. The deadline for the CC! Essay Contest is May 1st.

4. The DuPage County Health Department:

A. announced that Lincoln School in Glen Ellyn named their new van the "Smiles Squad".

B. Susanna Roberts spoke about the Head Start Fedeeral Review. It is working pretty well. Diversity and mental health were discussed. There is a patterm of language delay problems in immigrant families - for example, one language is spoken in the home, but television is in English. Public libraries could help by being a resource to parents who don't speak English.

C. Susanna wishes everyone well as she retires from her DuPage Health Department career and from the Woodridge Community Wellness Council.


1. Tim Cramer, from Breaking Free, reported for the subcommittee.

2. New Leadership Roles -

A. Bridget Johnson (Woodridge Community Resource Center) and Ruth Jacobs (DuPage County Health Department) volunteered to co-chair the WCWC.

B. Jill Marten (Jefferson Junior High Teacher Rep.) volunteered to take the minutes and send out meeting notices.

C. Julie Burke (Community Member) volunteered to spearhead information-gathering.

D. The Lisle-Woodridge Fire Department volunteered to maintain the WCWC Website.

3. Mission Statement Proposal -

The Council discussed the issue of not duplicating efforts within/amoung the council member organizations. They agreed on one purpose - to share information. The WCWC members will look at existing surveys and data to determine where the Council can work better as community partners and determine community needs. The Council members are especially interested in the data from the Village of Woodridge Survey results available in Fall 2006.

4. Meetings for Next Year (2006-2007)

Thursdays - 1:00 p.m.

October 12, 2006

January 18, 2007

April 19, 2007

5. Other

The WCWC members decided to bring their announcements/sharing in written form, written out ahead of time, to the Council meetings. Jill Marten will attach the "Announcement/Sharing Form" with the E-mail Meeting Notice in the fall.


Woodridge Community Wellness Council

2006 - 2007 Meetings:


Woodridge Public Library

"Upstairs Meeting Room"


Thursdays - 1:00 p.m.

October 12, 2006

January 18, 2007

April 19, 2007


Thank you for your participation!