Woodridge Community Wellness Council




Regular Meeting


January 17, 2007

In Attendance -

Bridget Johnson, Julie Rhodes, Leslie Pollack, Pat Nugent, Andrea Conley, Dave Krupka, Tim Cramer, Jill Marten, Cindi Sanders, Becky Surber, Leslie Schwichtenberg, Sarah Malson, Lisa David, Mary Landis, Rosemarie Mehok, Brenda Hall, Greg O’Donnell, Julie Burke



New WCWC Co-chair: Julie Burke will be the new co-chair with Bridget Johnson due to the resignation of Ruth Jacobs. We are happy Julie is stepping up to the position!


School District 68 and the Community Resource Center are cooperating to implement a “Mix It Up” socialization activity. The trial activity will be held in the 6th grade lunchrooms across the district to encourage students to “Mix It Up” and meet new friends. Studies have shown that lunchtime is a stressful social time. Students will be grouped randomly through choosing tokens of some kind. This activity is one way school/community connections are being made, while at the same time addressing needs of students. One goal is to expand this activity to other grade levels.


School District 68-Jefferson Jr. High has many intramural programs and sports for a variety of interests. For Red Ribbon Week, Edgewood had a “Drugs Make No Sense (Cents) Drive” in which students donated change that added up to around $300.00! The money was donated to the Community Resource Center. Meadowview School will be hosting their annual Taste of Meadowview event in February. It is an evening family event that is enjoyed by all. Willow Creek School celebrated Red Ribbon Week by having students make posters. Students also watched videos depicting the background story of Red Ribbon week. Willow Creek also hosted a food drive. In an effort to use parents as resources, the school hosted an activity in which a parent who is a scientist came in to talk and demonstrate his career skills. Goodrich School is working with students to promote good health by adjusting lunch schedules so students will hopefully eat calmly, not rush, and eat healthily.


Girl Scouts-Many summer activities are planned and are posted on their website:



Metropolitan Family Services-They are looking to expand their Big Brother/Big Sister program. Would like to work cooperatively with schools. One possibility is to have mentors come in to schools to work with students. Their annual bowlathon is in March. Volunteers are needed and welcome to join a team and bowl! For more information, call Katie Sutfin at (630) 784-4834 or sutfink@metrofamily.org

MFS is also offering a Financial Literacy program. It is a four workshop series and is free. If you have questions, contact:    Glenn Dagenais at (630)784-4816




Parents As Teachers-please let stay-at-home moms know there are preschool playgroups available to their children. Also, for Spanish speaking families, there are Family Nights once a month. For more information: nugentp@metrofamily.org

There are Library Lapsits available to Spanish speaking preschoolers through the Woodridge Public Library. Go online to:   http://www.woodridgelibrary.org/     for more information on Library programs.


Woodridge Public Education Foundation-The Foundation is sponsoring a fun run with the Chamber of Commerce on May 6th. They are looking for volunteers. There will be a one mile run/walk for kids and then 5K and 10K runs. For more information contact:



Community Resource Center-March 3rd, the CRC is sponsoring a Career Development Fair at the Woodridge Park District from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Geared to students AND parents. There will be a short workshop on completing online applications and developing a resume. For program specifics email:  bjohnson@vil.woodridge.il.us



Woodridge Park District-many diverse programs available. See website for information:       http://www.woodridgeparks.org/

Also—there is a Saturday morning playgroup that parents of preschoolers may be interested in. Advance registration is necessary.


Committee Reports:

WCWC Resources Committee: A comprehensive booklet of social services available to DuPage County residents was handed out. It is approved for reproduction to give to residents. Excellent resource.


WCWC Health Committee: needs a co-chair, no report at this time.


WCWC Diversity Committee: Martin Luther King Celebration on Jan. 15th was very successful. High School band and Jefferson Junior High choral group performed.

Sixth grade “Mix It Up” activity mentioned earlier also speaks to diversity and acceptance within our community. One goal of this committee is to reach out to children through diversity events.


WCWC Substance Abuse Committee: no report at this time.





Next Woodridge Community Wellness Council meeting:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 at 1:00 p.m.



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