Re-organizational Meeting


January 26, 2006

Participants -

Tom Bondi (Woodridge Police Dept.), Julie Burke (Lisle Township Youth and Family Advisory Board), Andrea Conley (District 66 Lakeview JH), Katie Cornelius (Meadowview Elem School), Tim Cramer (Workshop Leader - Breaking Free), Lisa David (Murphy Teacher Rep.), Ron Freed (Jefferson JH Principal), Tom Freeman (Lisle/Woodridge Fire Department), Christine Gaylord (Chairperson Woodridge68), Brenda Hall (Goodrich Teacher Rep), Gail Hartig (Jefferson JH - Physical Education/Health), Ruth Jacobs (DuPage County Health Dept.), Bridget Johnson (Woodridge Police / Resource Center), Shari Johnson (Breaking Free), Rebecca Leppert (Meadowview Elem School), Jill Marten (Jefferson JH - Home Economics), Claire McElroy (Social Worker - PPS), Pat Nugent (Metropolitan Family Services Parents as Teachers), Leslie Pollock (Woodridge 68 School Board Rep.), Susanna Roberts (DuPage County Health Department), Cathy Skinner (Woodridge 68 - Personnel), Becky Surber (Woodridge 68 - Curriculum and Instruction), Beth Van Opdorp ( Woodridge Public Library)


Re-organizational Meeting Results

Tim Cramer and Shari Johnson, of Breaking Free, led a discussion on the topic:

Does the Woodridge Community Wellness Council (WCWC) fill a need in the community that is not duplicated elsewhere in the community?

The group considered other organizations that dupicate some of WCWC's efforts as well as roles that were unique to the WCWC.

Time was spent discussing the vision, mission, and goals over the 20-years of the Council's existence.

The group decided that a subcommittee, led by Bridget Johnson, would plan the March 23, 2006 (1 - 3:00 p.m.) meeting. This meeting will focus on the future:

Who we are...




Many thanks

to the twenty-three members

for sharing their thoughts

at today's meeting


Woodridge Community Wellness Council

2005-2006 Meeting :


Woodridge Public Library

"Upstairs Meeting Room"


March 23, 2006 (TH)

1- 3:00 p.m.


Thank you for your participation!