FF1 Jim Slater, FF1 Vic Jakobsons, FM1 Brian Fitzgerald,

Lt. Mark Liptrot, FM1 Joe Malczyk, FM1 Brian Sleigher

Not Shown: FM1 James Weaver, FM1 Paul Sherrod, FF1 Kent Farris

The Lord has graced us with the honor of being members of the finest organization in the world, the brotherhood known as the Fire Service. We have chosen to volunteer our time to honor those brothers and sisters who have blazed a path of glory before us and given the ultimate sacrifice -- a sacrifice so others may live. Whether a firefighter has perished from such tragedies as 9/11, the Worcester 6 fire, or alone in a single family dwelling searching for a faint cry, we must always remember that it happened while overcoming fear and great challenges.....simply put, being a firefighter.